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Discover the no-hunger diet

If you’re looking for the most generous, hunger-busting way to lose weight without ever feeling deprived, Food Optimizing is for you! Unlike other eating plans you really can eat to satisfy your appetite – whether it’s pasta, potatoes, steak, or fish - and still lose weight beautifully. Every food fits into Food Optimizing, making it family-friendly, easy on your purse and simple to slot into your social life.

Because it’s so different to traditional, restrictive diets, new members can find Food Optimizing a surprising experience:

I've tried every diet under the sun, all without success. When I first joined Slimming World I couldn't believe the amount of food I could eat! I thought 'this can't be right, I'm eating too much!

I soon realised it was right - at my last weigh-in I’d lost 7lbs! Since nothing is restricted it’s very easy to stick to - I no longer see it as a 'diet', it’s a way of life.

Tracee Smith

We’ve featured a few common queries below to give you even more of an insight into this amazing healthy eating plan…

Can I have meat and potatoes together?

Yes you can! Here at Slimming World we love potatoes and meat - or pasta and bolognese sauce, chili and rice, healthy home-fries and lean bacon - on the same plate, with piles of tasty vegetables too! Food Optimizing isn’t a faddy diet and we don’t discriminate against food groups!

Take a look through our recipes and taste the difference for yourself!

Can I eat the same meals as my family?

Yes you can! Our unique family-friendly plan means there’s no need to cook separate meals anymore – everyone will enjoy tasty egg and fries, chicken kievs, chili, pot roasts, meatloaf, and tons of other delicious meals.

My whole family eats exactly what I eat! No more café-style meals where everyone eats differently. By Food Optimizing, all my family (husband, 12 year old son, 10 year old daughter and my 15 month old) can eat home cooked, healthy nutritious food.  I am no longer a slave to the scales or to tiny portion sizes. I eat until I’m full every day and not only that - we come together as a family around the table every night and talk! We’re all so much healthier too!

Erica Cowley

Can I go out for meals?

Yes you can! Because Food Optimizing’s Free Foods are everyday foods such as potatoes, seafood, lean meat, pasta, rice and vegetables there’s always plenty on restaurant menus to pile your plate with.

The thing I like the best about Food Optimizing is the freedom! You can eat as much as you like, with hardly any counting or weighing at all! A little while ago I went out for lunch with a friend who was a member of another slimming club - she had to sit and study her little book against the menu to work out what she could have. For me it was easy. There was a five-bean chili with boiled rice, a chicken salad, steaks, tomato pasta; loads of choices without me even having to think about counting anything!

Amanda Ettridge

If you'd love to taste the Slimming World difference for yourself, discover more about our empowering online program here...

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