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Suzanne's in shape for a healthier and happier future

Suzanne Wyett thought weight loss surgery was the answer to her weight problem until she found Slimming World. Now the mom of two is nearly 80lbs lighter and loving her slim and healthy new life. 

"For over a decade I’ve made excuses for my size. Pregnancy, babies, marriage—the list was endless. On top of eating costly convenience food and TV dinners, I’d snack on potato chips, cookies and candy as well as polishing off the kid’s leftovers.

"Over the years I’ve had many embarrassing incidents like getting trapped on theme park rides, stuck on swings and even being mistaken for my husband’s mother! I suffered ongoing back pain due to my weight and once I had to be carried out of the store where I work and taken to the hospital. I was so humiliated.

"Meal replacements, slimming pills, crazy exercise machines you buy off the TV—I really had tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked. In a desperate bid to lose weight, I spoke to my doctor about getting weight loss surgery and was told to come back in a few months if I was serious about the surgery.

"The next day I learned about Slimming World from a friendly stranger and I agreed to join, although I ended up backing out. I’d used a weight loss service before and it wasn’t for me—why would this one be any different?

"After a few weeks and a thinking about it more, I decided to give Slimming World a try—after all, what did I have to lose? I was skeptical at first but when I learned about Food Optimizing I couldn’t believe how much unlimited Free Food I could eat and still lose weight.

"A month into Food Optimizing and I’d lost 10½lbs by making a few simple changes to the way I cooked and prepared food. Instead of smothering everything in oil or butter, I’d use low-calorie cooking spray and enjoy the most delicious breakfasts—Canadian bacon, eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes. I also replaced my twice-weekly takeouts with home-cooked ones, made with chicken, and piled high with lots of vegetables and salad.  

Slimming World's support is so inspiring, and I learn so much from the other members. As well as sharing food tips and recipes, there’s always plenty of fun and laughter.

"The support team is so encouraging and if I ever had a bad week, they'd remind me how far I’ve come and I’d be back on track with a good loss the following week. I knew Food Optimizing was for life and I no longer needed or wanted drastic surgery to help me lose weight.

"I knew Body Magic would help my overall health and so I bought some fitness DVDs that I could do at home. Taking small steps at first, I’d do 15 minutes at a time and within months I was feeling fitter and my asthma was so much better. Now, I amaze myself by exercising for a full hour and a half.

"Within a year I’d lost 80lbs and was looking and feeling fantastic! Instead of shopping on the internet or in the ‘plus-size’ section, I could go into department stores and buy the latest fashions. Sometimes I’d catch sight of my lean body in a  window and I’d have to do a double take.

"Since losing weight I’ve got a newfound zest for life and it shows in everything I do. I’m so enthusiastic about Slimming World. I want to inspire others to lose weight and change their lives for the better—just like I did!”

*Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Suzanne's in shape for a healthier and happier future