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Amazing family slimming!

Rachel Landers and her daughter, Kathryn joined Slimming World to discover mountains of Free Foods – and have lost 50lbs so far! Read their story here…

“My weight slowly climbed as we added to our family. With each pregnancy I seemed to hold onto 10lbs, so when I had my fifth baby, I decided that it was time to lose weight for good – I wanted to feel like ‘me’ again!

“I chose Slimming World because it offered such a variety of Free Foods like pasta, potatoes, lean meats, fruit and vegetables. Free2Go, Slimming World’s healthy eating plan aimed at 11-15 year olds, was also a healthy, well-balanced program for my daughter, Kathryn. I wanted a plan that would empower Kathryn to make positive food choices without her feeling like she was on a ‘diet’.

“For breakfast we enjoy big bowls of fresh fruit smothered in fat-free yogurt. I home-school my three eldest daughters and we tuck into huge salads or sandwiches loaded with lean meats, feta cheese and a swirl of balsamic vinegar. For dinner we enjoy family favorites like tomato pasta and roasted asparagus or pork with mashed potatoes, fat-free creamed corn and tomatoes.

Kathryn and I still enjoy eating out at our favorite restaurants and look up the menus online before we visit. There are several restaurants, like Chipotles, which offer dishes packed with Free Foods that are prepared in a healthy way. Slimming World’s also given me the tools to slim down old family recipes – like swapping cream for fat free yogurt and cooking with lean cuts of meat.

“Our Consultant, Sonja and the rest of the group have offered endless recipe ideas, strategies to stay on plan in tricky situations, support and encouragement. Members who’ve lost lots of weight are such an inspiration along with beginners who are experiencing their first few losses. The excitement and sense of accomplishment are contagious!

“We now enjoy going for long family walks around the neighborhood. It’s wonderful to be active together and now the children look forward to our adventures. I put my 18-month-old son in a backpack for our outings, giving me 25lbs of baby to carry, which ups the intensity of my workout and also keeps him out of mischief!

“So far I’ve lost 35lbs and Kathryn’s lost 10lbs and taken control of her own food choices. We’re so grateful to have discovered an eating program that’s healthy, balanced and easy to use with a family of seven! Recently my mother joined Slimming World so we now have three generations slimming together – it’s fantastic!”

*Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Amazing family slimming!