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Slimming World - it's part of the family!

With the help and support of Slimming World, Simon and Tracy Bartlett from Essex, UK have lost 215lbs between them to turn their life around. Read their story here…

“We’d always struggled with our weight but saw it balloon after I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Churg-Strauss” says Tracy. “I spent years in and out of hospital and had to take steroids daily which made me constantly hungry. It had a knock-on effect on Simon because he’d be right there beside me comfort eating too.”

“We joined Slimming World because we realized that we had to do something before it was too late. We agreed that we needed a complete lifestyle change and one that would involve healthy eating and encourage us to build activity into our lives.

We couldn’t believe we could eat foods like potatoes and pasta, have as much as we wanted, and lose weight. But we stuck to the plan and whenever I felt hungry because of the steroids, I’d reach for my favorite Free Food snacks like vegetables and dip, fruit, and fat-free yogurts. I lost 7½lb in the first week and Simon lost 6lb!

“We swapped takeouts, junk, and convenience foods for home-made healthy meals like steak, Slimming World fries, and salad. We love to start the day with a big breakfast of Canadian bacon, eggs, and tomatoes on a whole wheat English muffin. We also enjoy our favorite cookies, candy, and potato chips in moderation—we literally can have our cake and eat it! Food Optimizing isn’t a ‘diet’, it’s a way of eating for the rest of our lives.

“As the weight came off we also started walking more and we were soon enjoying weekends exploring the countryside. We had no hobbies before, now we love walking our dog, swimming, and Simon cycles to work every day. We both love our new-found energy, health, and zest for life!

“I’ll always suffer with Churg-Strauss, however losing weight has helped me to manage my condition by improving my health and making it easier to breathe. Slimming World has given us the tools to stay slim and healthy for the rest of our lives.

“As a couple we look forward to a future full of fun and adventures. We’ve booked camping trips and I can’t wait to try weird and wacky things like zorbing and bungee jumping— things I’d never have dreamed of doing before. Life is out there and you only get one shot. I just wish I’d found Slimming World and realized that years ago!”

*Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Slimming World - it's part of the family!