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Lighter Laurie’s found the icing on the cake!

Laurie Wells fought a series of health problems and lost an amazing 130lbs and shares her transformation with us.

“I struggled with my weight since school and often found myself the butt of classmate’s jokes, given horrible nicknames.

“My weight increased after getting married when my husband Geoff and I began to eat lots of takeouts. After having children I didn’t have time to exercise and started skipping breakfast, then snacking on lots of white toast with lashings of butter. In the evening I’d snack on cheese and crackers and as a result my weight rocketed.

“The wake-up call came when at 28 a smear test picked up pre-cancerous cells in my cervix. I was horrified when the doctor referred to me as morbidly obese and said that my size meant I had a greater chance of developing breast cancer. I had a minor operation, but was told I might not be able to tolerate the anaesthetic. I knew this wouldn’t be the end of my health problems. My weight was getting in the way of my life; I was too big to go on the rides at themeparks and struggled to squeeze into the airplane seat on holiday.

“I finally decided to join Slimming World when I saw my vacation photos. I was appalled when I stepped on the scales and discovered how heavy I’d become. I went home and sobbed, I was so ashamed of myself, but I was absolutely determined to lose weight. The Food Optimizing plan is great because it’s so suitable for everyday family meals. We all enjoy eating the same kind of meals such as pasta, curries with rice, and chili. My group was really supportive, and so was Geoff – in fact he supported me all the way and also lost 40lbs!

Since losing weight my life has completely changed. We have fantastic family days out and I love joining the kids on rides. Before Slimming World I never did any exercise, now thanks to Body Magic I’ve tried yoga, Pilates, and love going to the gym. I’ve even signed up for a belly dancing course!

“The icing on the cake was becoming a Slimming World Consultant - I am over the moon. I feel like I have finally reached the end of my journey and am about to start a completely new one. I can’t wait to motivate and inspire others to achieve what I have!”

*Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Lighter Laurie’s found the icing on the cake!