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Laura’s living the dream

Losing 30lbs gave young mom Laura Collins the figure she’s always wanted, as well as an exciting new career, and a healthy eating habit she’ll have for the rest of her life. Laura shares her amazing journey with us…

“I was always slim, until I started my first job in a real-estate office. The hours were long, the job was sedentary, and my bosses loved cookies and chocolate. So I joined in. After work I liked nothing better than snuggling up with my boyfriend, Richie with a take-out.

“Within three months I’d gained 15lbs. I joined a slimming club but found the diet impossible to follow as I was permanently hungry and bored with counting everything. Richie reassured me that he loved me whatever my size, so I promised myself I’d lose weight one day and happily carried on eating.

“Over the next few years I gained more weight and lost confidence as my clothes became too tight. I also had no energy thanks to the junk food I was eating.

“ I found out I was pregnant and the weight piled on even more. After baby Louie arrived I thought the weight would disappear but my diet of take-outs and family-size bags of candy meant that I was heavier and more uncomfortable than ever.  

"I finally decided to turn to my friend Lauren for help. She’d lost 70lbs with Slimming World. Following her guidelines, I completely changed the way I cooked and ate. Out went the oily fast-food, ready meals, and potato chips. In came home-made pasta sauces, hearty breakfasts, and Slimming World fries.

Within a week I felt revitalized with much more energy and in four weeks I’d lost 10lbs. Then I found my motivation slipping, so I joined Lauren’s group. I think I’d been frightened that I wouldn’t get on with the other Slimming World members, but during Image Therapy I realized it didn’t matter how old people were, what they did for a job, or whether they were men or women. What mattered was that we all had one aim in common – to lose weight – and that made us instant allies. We had a laugh too – I hadn’t expected that!

“I reached my target and I ran round the room, shrieking with joy! The old confident Laura was back and she was wearing skinny jeans!

“I never expected that losing weight would change my career path as well as my eating habits – but it certainly has. I loved my group so much, I decided to follow her example and become a Consultant. Thanks to Slimming World I’ve now got a whole new way of life!”

*Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Laura’s living the dream