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I'm a slim twin again

The lovely Becky Novis is looking and feeling fabulous following the birth of her son. Thanks to Food Optimizing she’s lost a sensational 20lbs and shares her story with us…

“When you’re feeling overweight and frumpy, the last thing you need is a walking, talking reminder of how good you used to look before you had a baby. But, thanks to my identical twin sister, Hollie, that was exactly what I had.

“When my husband, Adam, and I discovered I was pregnant, Hollie and I were an identical size 6 and loved sharing clothes. At first, I ate plenty of whole-wheat bread, fresh fruit, and vegetables, and hardly gained any weight. But at seven months—pow! I developed an insatiable appetite for all the worst things. Candy, candy and more candy... I just couldn’t stop, even when my midwife found sugar in my urine and issued a stern warning about gestational diabetes.

“After Daniel was born I didn’t dare weigh myself. At least it was good news for people that normally couldn’t tell us apart—there was no chance of being mistaken for my sister now.

“Nursing Daniel helped me lose some weight, but I just couldn’t lose the rest. Adam thought I looked just fine, but when I saw myself in a holiday photo, standing next to Hollie, I realized how much difference that extra weight made. With Hollie’s wedding as an incentive, my mom and I decided to join Slimming World together.

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking with fresh ingredients and part of me felt there was nothing Food Optimizing could teach me. It didn’t take me long, though, to see where I was going wrong. Whole-wheat bread might be a healthy choice, but I’d been eating two big slices with every meal—and rather a lot of candy, cookies and potato chips in between. I learned how to make healthier choices, such as enjoying a smaller sized packet of reduced-fat potato chips, or a few squares of chocolate candy.

I was down to my target of 140lbs just in time for Hollie’s engagement party, and people couldn’t stop congratulating me and handing me presents. No, not because they knew I’d lost weight—because they thought I was my sister!

“It really brought home how much I’d achieved at Slimming World in just over two months, and it felt great. Since then, I’ve lowered my target and I’m busy gearing up for Hollie’s wedding. I’m so excited for her, and I can’t wait to see the photographs—I’ll be able to look at them and smile, knowing how fantastic we both felt on the day.” 

*Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

I'm a slim twin again