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Example dessert recipes

Dessert recipes

  • Apple and black cherry crisp

    Apple and black cherry crisp suitable for vegetarians

    Syns on Extra Easy

    Serves: 4
    Ready in: 30-60 mins

    Apples and black cherries make a sweet, gently tart combo, and the cinnamon-spiked topping adds delicious crunch.

  • Apple and cranberry strudel

    Apple and cranberry strudel suitable for vegetarians

    Syns on Extra Easy

    Serves: 6
    Ready in: 30-60 mins

    Crisp phyllo pastry and hot fruit filling... no wonder this strudel is such a favorite!

  • Apple clouds

    Apple clouds suitable for vegetarians

    Syns on Extra Easy

    Serves: 4
    Ready in: 60+ mins

    Originally served as a drink to cure colds, we’ve turned this British classic into a creamy, cold apple treat.

  • Caramel roasted pears

    Caramel roasted pears

    Syns on Extra Easy

    Serves: 4
    Ready in: Less than 30 mins

    Ripe, roasted caramel pears make a delicious dessert in the fall and winter months.

  • Carrot cake

    Carrot cake

    Syns on Extra Easy

    Serves: 7
    Ready in: 30-60 mins

    You can have your (carrot) cake and eat it too, with this delicious dessert. It's packed full of fiber and has a subtle cinnamon spice.


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