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Having trouble with the website?

To help you find the speediest fix for your problem, we’ve put together this help page. By making this your first step if you do encounter a little issue when you’re entering Slimming World Online or LifelineOnline, hopefully you’ll be able to see what’s going wrong and get online in a matter of minutes.

If you don’t find the answer here, please also visit our FAQ pages, packed with technical and more general help to support you online and with your weight loss journey.

To get started click on the red bar below that best describes the issue you’re experiencing, and then select from the bullet points that will display.

I'm having problems registering

"How do I register?"



  • Slimming World Online is our online weight loss program available across the USA.
  • LifelineOnline is our exclusive FREE Slimming World group members' website, available only in N E Texas.

Click on the 'register' button for the website you wish to register with. These are displayed on the same page with handy hints to help you. You'll be asked to complete a short registration form. We don't give or sell these details to anyone else - they're purely for us to recognize you each time you login.

To register on LifelineOnline, enter your member card number and personal PIN number that you should have recieved at your first group. If you didn't recieve a PIN number, please contact your Consultant or ask in group next week. Visit LifelineOnline by clicking here

Handy hint: Our registration pages are case sensitive. We recommend you register all details in lowercase. Each time you logon, use all lowercase letters.

Also please check that you're entering any dates in this format: mm/dd/yyyy.


Are you receiving an error when you are entering a personal password to register? 

When registering, your personal password needs to be a combination of 6-12 characters and numbers. You will need to use this password each time to log on. Your personal password will be case sensitive.


Are you receiving an error when entering your email address to register with the website? 

Our technical support staff have found the following common problems with email addresses:-

  • Each member requires a unique email address. You cannot share your email address with someone who is already a member of Slimming World Online or LifelineOnline.
  • Make sure you don't miss the .com or from the end of your email address
  • Make sure you don't miss the @ symbol from your email address
  • Make sure there are no spaces in your email address

Please double-check that you’ve entered your email address correctly. A typo or misplaced period could prevent you from receiving important information from us. (We do not pass these details on to anyone else.)


Have you visited Slimming World Online or LifelineOnline before?

You may have already registered with the website. Please click here to return to the start and then click on the 'log in' using your username and password.


Do you share your email address with another Slimming World member?  

If you share your email address and the person you share it with has already registered on our website, you will need to use a different email address. The website recognizes each member by their individual email addresses so it won’t let a second person register with the details. If you would like an email address specifically for the purposes of using Slimming World Online or LifelineOnline - Google ( and Hotmail ( both supply free e-mail addresses.



I'm having problems logging in

If you haven't yet registered to use the website, please do that first.


My password won't work...



In the first instance:

Please check that you have entered your password correctly into the 'personal password' area. Your personal password will be case sensitive - please check your CAPS lock is off. If you cannot remember your personal password click here.

Please check that you are spelling your password correctly - a small typo will prevent you from accessing the site. Also, check that you are entering your username and password in the same case as you registered them.

If the site is flagging your personal password as the problem, please use the forgotten password link to receive a confirmation e-mail.

You may need to check your privacy settings to ensure your computer saves a cookie. In your browser go to tools>internet options>privacy and make sure the setting is at medium.

Checking your privacy settings.


I keep getting a security message when I enter the website...


Are you receiving a security message about security certificates?

If you're using an older internet browser, you may see an error message before proceeding to the next page stating "cannot connect to an expired server certificate."

We would like to reassure all our visitors that our Security Certificate is still valid and any data you use to access the Slimming World websites and/or provide during your visit will be transferred and kept securely, as per our terms and conditions.

To avoid seeing this message on future visits, you can either:

  • upgrade your browser to the latest version. (If you are using Internet Explorer, click 'tools>windows update' to start the process)
  • go to to manually install the new VeriSign Class 3 PCA Root (expiring in 2028) into your browser


I can’t login in today and it just keeps taking me back to login page, can you help?



To help resolve this problem you may need to clear your temporary internet files, and here’s how to do it:

Clear your cache and cookies (temporary Internet files):
Most browsers store a temporary copy of every page you visit. Clearing your cache deletes those files and makes room for new ones. Follow the steps below to clear your cache - if your browser isn't listed, please visit the Help section on your browser provider's home page.

  • For Internet Explorer 8:
    Select "Tools" from the top of the page and then click "Delete Browsing History". Tick the items as shown below and then click delete. This may take a few minutes. Once finished, close your browser, re-open it, and then try accessing the site again.

    IE8 - deleting your browser's history.

  • For Internet Explorer 7:
    Select "Tools" from the top of the page, then "Internet Options" and then the "General" tab. Under "Browsing history ", click "Delete". In the Delete Files dialogue box, choose "Temporary Internet Files", "Cookies" and "History", as shown below. Please note that if this has not been done regularly, it may take several minutes. Once you have taken these steps, close your browser, re-open it, and try accessing the site again.

    IE7 - deleting your browser's history.

  • For Firefox/Mozilla:
    Select "Tools" from the top of the page, "Clear Recent History " and then in the dialog box, tick the appropriate boxes, as shown below, before clicking "Clear Now".
    Once finished, close your browser, re-open it, and then try accessing the site again.

    Firefox/Mozilla - deleting your browser's history.

Internet security settings

Zone Alarm: If you have Zone Alarm or something similar, please select privacy>site list and uncheck the third party web bugs setting.

If these actions don’t help, it may be that your security software is affecting you accessing the website, so it could be worth you checking this with your security software provider. To check this, try logging on using another computer outside your home, for example a relative or friend’s, and if you can get on to the website this would show that it is your security software at home stopping you from accessing the site.

Try an alternative browser

Using an alternative browser could also help to solve the problem. The most commonly-used browser, which comes with Windows, is Internet Explorer. However, there are a couple of other browsers which you can download and use for free. Just search for 'Google Chrome' or 'Mozilla Firefox'. Both of these browsers can be downloaded and installed relatively quickly, and may help you to get onto our site if the other solutions are not working for you.

This didn't work - what can I do now?
Please scroll-down to see more FAQs.

Please note:

We are unable to respond to any queries that are answered within this help section.


"I registered with the website several months ago - why can't I log in?"

Please check that you're using the same details to log in as you first registered. The website is case sensitive, so please try with and without capitals, if you can't remember your password please click here


There's a problem with my email address...

In the first instance:

If you have several email accounts, please check that you entered the same email address that you used during registration with our site. Also, make sure that it is entered correctly - a small typo will prevent you from accessing the site.

Please check that you are entering your username and password in the same case as you registered them.

Have you changed your email address recently?
If you have changed your email address you will need to log on to the website using your old e-mail address with your personal password.

To change your email address, once logged in go to "My Slimming World" and update my details then click on edit my personal details.


"I'm having trouble logging on with my iPad/iPhone"

If you have experienced difficulties logging into the website from your iPad/iPhone it could be because your iPad is not set to accept cookies. Alternatively, it could be set to a high security setting which also won’t allow any cookies to be saved.

On your iPad/iPhone, visit the settings link and then scroll down to Safari to the setting called ‘Accept Cookies’ and set this to ‘from visited'. Once cookies have been set to ‘from visited’, ensure you continue to recieve the latest updates by syncing your device to iTunes regularly.