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Our Eating plan

No diet math, no pills, no weird food, no need to weigh and measure everything. With Slimming World’s healthy eating plan you can eat loads and lose weight – period!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But for 43 years people in the UK have been losing weight with Slimming World’s ‘all you can eat’ weight loss plan – and now it’s available in the USA and Canada.

Far too generous to be called a diet, Food Optimizing – Slimming World’s eating plan – gives you unlimited food to fill up on – we call it Free Food. Food like pasta, lean meat, fish and poultry, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, and rice, eggs – yep, you really can eat to satisfy your appetite – no counting, no weighing, no worries.

And if you’re wondering just how you can eat all that food and lose weight brilliantly, it’s all about the science: Food Optimizing uses the principles of energy density (the calories in a food) and satiety (how filling a food is). Foods with a low energy density and that are highly satisfying are totally unlimited to enjoy any time, day or night!

Add to that healthy fiber and calcium-rich food like bread, cereals, milk, and cheese – and favorites like chocolate, cookies, beer or wine – and you have the recipe for weight loss success. Effective, flexible and easy to live with for life!

Woman’s World magazine put Slimming World to the test. Woman’s World said:

When reader Shelly Nyegaard tested the special version of Slimming World’s plan… she shed eight pounds and 6 ½ inches in one week. “I lost so much more than on other diets I’ve tried,” says the Washington state reader, 53. Adds Iowa mom Crystal Rich, 44, down five pounds: “It was like the opposite of a diet. I never felt hungry.” Weems, for one, encourages folks to give it a go. “It’s not like anything else you’ve ever done before,” she says, “and that could be exactly what you need to finally lose weight!”

As well as our delicious plan, you’ll discover tons of support, real-life successes, praise and celebrations, tools to help you overcome any hurdles, food features, recipes, menus, interactive challenges, a members’ forum and so much more.

And right now, membership costs as little as $3.50 a week for three months of personalized slimming support on our Silver enrollment package. Sign up today and start your online weight loss journey – success is right at your fingertips.

slim-down and save

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As a member you'll get:

  • Our tried and tested Food Optimizing plan, which allows you to lose weight while never going hungry.
  • Our online support system with sophisticated tools to help you set goals, stay on track and monitor your progress.
  • Our Body Magic program, which helps you make activity part of your everyday life.
  • A world of support, advice and encouragement from our experts and your fellow members to help turn your weight loss dreams into reality.
  • Join with our Gold package and get a special getting started pack plus a free recipe book! (while stocks last)

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