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Our Eating plan

would you love...?

  • to slim more easily than you ever thought possible?
  • to lose weight without ever feeling hungry or deprived?
  • to enjoy eating out and having a social life while you slim?
  • to help protect yourself against serious illness?
  • to stay a healthy weight forever?

Would you love to find a way of losing weight that offers all this – and more besides? Well now that you’ve found us, you’ve found it! Welcome to...Food Optimising!

enjoy a whole new way of eating!

  • eat to satisfy your appetite
  • eat at any time of day or night

...all without counting a single calorie!

how can you do all this and still expect to lose weight?

  • Instead of telling you what you can and can’t eat, we put you in control
  • Instead of making you change your lifestyle to fit your diet, we ask you to choose what works for you.
  • Instead of forcing you to exercise iron willpower, we offer you choice power!

The master-stroke of genius that makes Food Optimising fast, effective and so easy is Free Food. Free Food is:

  • how you satisfy your appetite even on the hungriest of days
  • how you learn to lose weight fast and keep it off for good
  • Hundreds of choices of completely Free Foods are there for the taking; no weighing, no calculating, no estimating, no counting and not a point or a unit in sight!
  • Hundreds of normal, everyday foods that are the mainstay of family meals and all without restrictions – no kidding!

the power of Food Optimising

  • Create satisfying meals the whole family will love. No more separate ‘diet meals’ - no one will believe you’re slimming!
  • Make hundreds of quick and easy meals from everyday foods
  • Fast–food, barbecues, and Italian meals – enjoy eating out as well as at home.

Put the power of Food Optimising to work for you. Make new choices that will ensure you lose weight steadily and safely until you’ve achieved your personal ideal weight – and stay there for life!

Tacos, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Steak & French Fries, and omelet – try our
FREE 7-day menu
today and see the sensational results for yourself!

slim-down and save

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As a member you'll get:

  • Our tried and tested Food Optimizing plan, which allows you to lose weight while never going hungry.
  • Our online support system with sophisticated tools to help you set goals, stay on track and monitor your progress.
  • Our Body Magic program, which helps you make activity part of your everyday life.
  • A world of support, advice and encouragement from our experts and your fellow members to help turn your weight loss dreams into reality.
  • Join with our Gold package and get a special getting started pack plus a free recipe book! (while stocks last)

Hearty fall recipes

Enjoy fast, fresh, filling recipes packed with the flavors of fall.