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Q: Do you do exercise in the group?

A: No, however we encourage you to combine healthy eating with an active lifestyle. Being active can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure as well as help protect against osteoporosis and diabetes. It can have positive effects on mood, self-esteem, stress and anxiety levels, and improve sleep, energy levels, and general fitness.

However, Food Optimizing doesn’t rely on you sweating every evening at the gym or training for the marathon from day 1! Food Optimizing properly without exercize will result in a weight loss – we guarantee it! Food Optimizing with exercize will bring even greater results. For further information, have a browse through our 'getting active' section

Q: Can I lose weight while on the contraceptive pill?

A: We would like to reassure you that we do have many members who are losing weight very successfully while taking all sorts of different medication and treatments, including contraceptive pills. We are aware that some contraceptives can cause fluid retention, which can make it more difficult to see a weight loss at times.

However, even if your weight shown on the scales tends to be more erratic due to fluctuations in fluid, your monthly weight loss should be good if Food Optimizing 100%. There is a limit to the amount of fluid that can be gained in this way and members following Food Optimizing will still be losing body fat, despite no change on the scales from time to time. The regular loss of body fat should soon start to show as a great weight loss on the scales!

Q: Can I still drink alcohol?

A: Yes you can - you can have a bit of what you fancy.

Q: Can my child join Slimming World Online only membership?

A: No, sorry Slimming World Online only membership is available to adults aged 18 and over.

Q: I have a lactose intolerance. Is Food Optimizing suitable for me?

A: Limiting intake of dairy products should not be a problem when Food Optimizing - it's very generous and flexible and does not require you to stick to any set meal plans. Because you get to choose the foods you want to eat it should be suitable for all dietary requirements or preferences.

We do have a section within Food Optimizing, Healthy Extras, which helps ensure you obtain a good source of calcium each day. Although this section does contain a number of dairy products, dairy-free choices such as soya or rice milk are also options.

Q: I have asthma. Should I still exercise?

A: The combination of activity and Food Optimizing leading to weight loss can help improve asthma and reduce the need for medication. Although exercise is a common trigger for asthma, gently increasing activity levels improves general fitness and well-being, and also the function of the lungs as they learn to cope with a higher breathing rate, which in turn helps the body cope with the condition.

If you’d like to discover more about exercising with asthma, please click here

Q: I have high cholesterol. Do I need to Food Optimize differently?

A: Having too much cholesterol in your blood can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, the good news is that one of the many health benefits our members report is a reduced cholesterol level.

Experts agree that dietary changes such as following a low-fat diet, eating plenty of fruit and veg and including Omega-3 fish oils in your diet can help reduce high cholesterol levels. Because Food Optimizing positively encourages the consumption of plenty of fruit and vegetables, and unlimited oily fish, naturally limits fatty food by allocating them Syn values, it provides a safe and sensible method of weight loss for members with high cholesterol. As with all medical conditions we recommend that you consult your doctor and always follow any treatment suggested by your doctor or hospital.

Q: I haven't received a reply to my email enquiry.

A: If you have contacted us with an enquiry, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section in the public and members’ areas. Please note, we are unable to respond to enquiries that are answered in our FAQs. These are updated regularly, so keep clicking back.

If you have contacted us with feedback, this will be forwarded to the relevant department and used to update and develop the website. Many thanks for sending your thoughts to us.

If your correspondence isn’t answered on the website, it will be passed to the relevant department. We aim to reply to you as quickly as possible, however, due to the high volume of emails we receive it can occasionally take up to 7 working days before we can respond.

Q: I keep getting a message telling me I've been logged off.

A: If you are getting a message on your screen saying "You have been logged off automatically due to a long period of inactivity", unless there are long periods of inactivity between logging on and using the website, it sounds like this may be a browser or software incompatibility problem. We've discovered that some PC software is creating a small problem for a few members. One of these is Zone Alarm, which is personal firewall software and we have found a fix for this; please select privacy>site list and uncheck the third party web bugs setting.

If you are seeing the message, but don't have this software installed, please check for other types of privacy/firewall software and contact your provider for further help.

Q: I’d like to continue my Slimming World Online membership, how do I re-subscribe?

A: After you have completed your initial minimum 3 month subscription of your Slimming World Online membership, subsequent months are charged at $25. Re-subscription is automatic unless you choose to cancel your membership. Look out for special re-subscription offers in the Online members' area of the website.

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