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Helping teens with Free2Go

It’s no secret that children on the whole are eating less healthily, have a less active lifestyle, and are suffering from weight-related problems like diabetes at a much earlier age. It’s an incredibly sensitive area; one where most organizations have been reluctant to offer solutions.

To help young people in the very best way we can, we’ve created Free2Go – a special, simplified version of Food Optimizing which focuses on the power of Free Food and Healthy Extras and encourages the step-by-step reduction of less healthy foods like burgers, chocolate and confectionery.

Our group membership offers fantastic free support for 11-15 year olds, for the first time, from anybody! With the involvement and support from their parents and their Slimming World Consultant, learning to eat healthily becomes super simple!

(*Children must be accompanied by their parent / guardian.  If the adult is already a member of Slimming World, there is no extra charge. If the accompanying adult is not a member, a reduced weekly fee plus the current enrollment fee is charged to the parent / guardian for our help and advice.)

The focus for our young members is well and truly on healthy eating – not weight loss. There’s no pressure to lose weight – just loads of praise and positive strokes as they take on board healthy lifestyle changes, along with their whole family.

And because we understand the pressures children face, we help them make positive lifestyle changes that fit beautifully with their school-life, home-life and social-life.  We’re incredibly proud of them and we want them to feel all the support, all the love and all the encouragement they need.

Every young member receives an easy-to-follow booklet as part of their new member pack.

A note to parents: even though we don't offer membership to anyone under the age of 18, we know that many of you Food Optimize as a family and would love some help to encourage your teens to make easy, healthy changes to the way they eat – not necessarily to lose weight, but to learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

That's why we’ve included the Free2Go pages within Slimming World Online – to show you how we approach healthy eating and healthy living with our 11-15 year old members in group so that you can encourage your kids to make the same healthy swaps for a fitter, healthier future.


As a member you'll get:

  • Our tried and tested Food Optimizing plan, which allows you to lose weight while never going hungry.
  • Our online support system with sophisticated tools to help you set goals, stay on track and monitor your progress.
  • Our Body Magic program, which helps you make activity part of your everyday life.
  • A world of support, advice and encouragement from our experts and your fellow members to help turn your weight loss dreams into reality.
  • Join with our Gold package and get a special getting started pack plus two free recipe books! (while stocks last)

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