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We love to work with journalists to create high quality content in keeping with the Slimming World brand.

Our members are our celebrities

Every Slimming World member's journey is unique and we just love to give them the chance to share it through the media. The one thing that is guaranteed at Slimming World is successful weight loss and we have hundreds of amazing and inspiring members' success stories to share. Let us know what storyline you're looking for, the publication or channel that will feature the story and when your deadline is, and we'll do the rest!

Delicious eating plans and recipes

Slimming World's Food Optimizing is the plan for people who love food. And we've created thousands of delicious, slimming meals and menu plans to suit every taste.

Your viewers and listeners won't believe they can lose weight while enjoying things like steak and fries, chili or even chocolate desserts, but we're here to show them that it is possible to eat to satisfy your appetite and get slim without ever having to compromise on taste.

Expert advice or interview

Slimming World's in-house Nutrition and Research team provides expert comment on issues relating to obesity, weight management and healthy diet. They provide reputable expert opinion, conduct research that contributes to the ongoing obesity debate and offer clear practical advice and up to the minute advice about effective behavior change and healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Exclusive access to

Our empowering online program has been helping people across the world lose weight and make healthy, easy and lasting lifestyle changes for almost a decade. If you'd like to discover first-hand how works, please contact us for free 'reviewer' access to the website.

Download our Media Kit , and discover more about Slimming World and our unique approach to weight loss, along with sample menus, expert biographies and more.

For further information about Slimming World please contact:

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