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Deliciously slimming holiday entrees

Everyone has their favorite, traditional holiday entree, whether it's ham, turkey, beef or a vegetarian dish.

glazed ham

At Slimming World, we love to inspire members to put a Food Optimising twist on their favorites so they can enjoy the meal at the table and a weight loss on the scale! As a member you'll have access to so many recipes and ideas for holiday dishes—here's a taste of some delicious, slimming entrees we love:

If these recipes sound good to you, you'll find many more as a Slimming World member. Here's how you can join today!



Obesity can take 8 years off of life

A Canadian study discovered that obesity can take 8 years off of a person's life, and leave them in poor health for 19 years before that. The findings highlight the dangers of obesity as a contributor to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses.

supporting you every step of the way

Although the study findings are dire, we at Slimming World have known for 45 years the tremedous physical and emotional toll obesity can take on someone. That's why kind, caring, non-judgmental support is so important when it comes to helping people to make long-term lifestyle changes for their health.

Through an understanding and compassionate approach—and the most generous and flexible healthy eating plan out there—Slimming World helps members to develop the motivation and confidence they need to make lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.

If you're looking to lose weight, we at Slimming World will do everything we can to support you every step of the way. Find out more about the Slimming World difference and take the first step to that amazing, healthy life you've wanted!


Spot our Elf on the Shelf!

elf on a shelf

After returning to the office from Thanksgiving break, we discovered an Elf on the Shelf visiting for the holidays!

Our elf is popping up all over the Slimming World office, and you can see what he's up to on our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Lately, he was spotted in the office fridge...perhaps the cold reminds him of his North Pole home? (That, or he's eating all our Free Foods!)

Join us in the just-for-fun holiday spirit and follow us on social media to find out where he'll crop up next!


Best buffet choices for holiday slimming

A sprawling holiday buffet might seem like a slimmer's worst nightmare, but with Slimming World's generous, flexible eating plan, there's so much to choose from that buffets can be wonderfully filling and slimming!

Since buffets are all about choice, you can be beautifully in control of what, and how much, you'd like to enjoy. Eating a snack before heading the buffet can ensure you can make your choices with a clear head, and walking through the buffet before you choose means you'll know all your options.

Thanks to the wide variety at most buffets, you can usually spot these foods, which are perfect for slimming—in fact, they're Free with Food Optimising, meaning you can eat as much as you like, whenever you like!

  • Crudite or cut up veggies
  • Slices of your favorite lean meat (remove skin and visible fat to keep it Free)
  • Plain pasta or rice
  • Sliced hard-boiled eggs
  • Fish or seafood, with sauces on the side so you can choose how much to enjoy
  • Any fresh or frozen fruit

If this way of slimming (no hunger, no counting, no kidding!) sounds like it's for you, here's how you can join Slimming World for so much more support and inspiration.


Holiday gift baskets, Slimming World style

Gift baskets make a perfect present for holiday hosts, office parties, neighbors, friends...pretty much everyone loves a basket packed with goodies!

As a Slimming World member, you can absolutely give (and receive!) a beautiful gift basket bursting with holiday delights—all while keeping your weight loss totally on track. Because so many foods are Free with Food Optimising, there's so much to choose from!

These Free Foods—foods that you can eat as much as you like, day or night!—would make up a gorgeous gift basket:

  • Juicy clementines, oranges or tangerines
  • Bunches of sweet grapes
  • Gourmet coffee or teas
  • Smoked salmon
  • Boxes of dried pasta (bonus if it's holiday-shaped!)
  • A bottle of nice balsamic vinegar (or any flavor you like!)

You'll get so many more ideas and inspirations for slimming through the holidays (and beyond!) as a Slimming World member. Here's how you can join today.


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