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30 minutes of activity brings benefits even in older age

A study found that enjoying 30 minutes of physical activity a day—even well into our 60s and 70s—can increase longevity and is as good for our health as quitting smoking.

30 minutes exercise

Slimming World has a unique approach to activity called Body Magic. When members feel ready, we support them in integrating any activity they enjoy into their everyday lives until it becomes a habit, and part of their healthy lifestyle. Along with Food Optimizing, our generous, hunger-free eating plan, Slimming World members have the tools and support they need to make and keep their healthy changes going for life.

Member Nicola Roberts says she always felt like fit person trapped in an overweight body. 100lbs lighter, she's now able to take on all kinds of activity—including running a full marathon!

I have tons of energy, and I feel like my food fuels me now, instead of weighing me down. I've run a half and a full marathon now, and I never ever thought I'd be able to say that! I didn't work out before starting Slimming World, and now I love to exercise.

You can discover more about our unique Body Magic program here.


Reduce your stroke risk with Slimming World

May is National Stroke Month, and many risk factors for stroke can be minimized with the healthy, active lifestyle led by Slimming World members.

preventing strokes with slimming world

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor diet and lack of exercise can all increase the risk of having a stroke. These are factors that can be greatly reduced with our healthy eating and activity plans. In fact, losing just 10 percent of your body weight with Slimming World can deliver amazing health benefits, including a reduced risk of stroke and much more.

With Food Optimizing, our healthy eating plan, there's not a single calorie to count, and no shakes, pills or supplements. Food Optimizing shares the secrets to shopping for, cooking and eating regular food from the grocery store for healthy weight loss. Body Magic, our activity plan, supports you in making an activity you love an everyday part of your life.

Thanks to losing weight with Slimming World, our members are now happy, healthy and full of energy, and many of them have reduced medications and risks for dieases because of their weight loss. See for yourself the incredible transformations so many Slimming World members have made!



Memorial day, the Slimming World way

Whether you’re visiting a parade or memorial service on May 25, celebrate this patriotic day the Slimming World waywith delicious Food Optimizing recipes!

Picnics, barbecues, commemorative dinners—they all fit in with your weight loss journey at Slimming World! So fly the flag and get your tastebuds ready for some of these delicious Memorial Day barbecue dishes…

If you'd love to taste more of these delicious dishes, taste a week of slimming for yourself with our free 7-day menu!


Crack open a fab weight loss!

May is National Egg Month, and there's so much to celebrate with this delicious, affordable, healthy and versatile food.

national egg month

When you’re Food Optimizing, eggs are Free Foods—meaning you can eat unlimited amounts and lose weight (and we mean unlimited—have two or three, or more, a day if you like!) Boiled, poached, fried, scrambled—you choose how you’d like to enjoy these Free Food stars.

We have some eggscellent egg recipes to get your weight loss cracking!

Eggs are just one of the many foods you can eat freely at Slimming World. Discover more about how generous and flexible Food Optimizing is for your weight loss!


Is your teen getting enough of this nutrient?

Blood pressure is something that can be controlled by diet, and a study found that teens who have a diet high in potassiumrather than one low in salt—can be more effective for avoiding high blood pressure as adults.

are teenages getting enough potassium

Potassium is found in a wide range of healthy, wholesome foods, like baked potatoes (regular or sweet), dark leafy greens, beans, yogurt, and, of course, bananas!

All these foods are called Free Foods with Slimming World, meaning they can be eaten freely—no counting of calories or measuring out portions whatsoever! Whether you're following Slimming World yourself or you'd just like to encourage healthy eating habits for your teen—and your whole family!—you can rest assured that eating Slimming World-style includes plenty of potassium, and all the nutrients needed for a healthy life.

Taste a week of slimming for yourself with our free 7-day menu plan, filled with easy, wholesome meal ideas the whole family can enjoy!


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