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Find your weeknight dinner groove with Food Optimising

The kids are back in school and summer hours are over at work. Revive your dinner routine with some Food Optimising tips!

The kids are back in school and summer hours are over at work. Revive your dinner routine with some Food Optimising tips!

With after-school activities and family obligations mounting, it’s easy for weeknight dinners to be sidelined into takeout or trip to the drive-thru. Food Optimising can help you stay one step ahead! With dinnertime staples like lean meat, veggies, pasta, rice and potatoes as Free Foods, you’re well on your way to building meals that will feed the whole family and get you to the weight loss you want!

weeknight dinners
  • Keeping your freezer stocked with veggies means a side of broccoli, spinach, peas, corn (or whatever veggie your family loves) can be ready in the few minutes it takes to microwave.
  • If you’re out of the house all day, low and slow can be the way to go. Throwing meat, broth, veggies and a bit of seasoning into your slow cooker in the morning means you’ll come home to the smell of a delicious dinner waiting for you. This is a great option for families who eat dinner at different times, too.
  • Food Optimising is so generous that store-bought staples are not only allowed—many are Free! Once you’re a member you can run store-bought items through a calculator to determine the Syn value. A member favorite is Knorr pasta and rice sides, which are Free or low-Syn when made with water, and make a quick and easy base for a filling entree or side dish.

On top of these tips, as a member you’ll have the support of fellow slimmers who have tons of fast, filling meal ideas to share. You’ll also have access to sample weekly menus and a menu planning tool that makes mapping out a week’s worth of meals a snap.

With a generous eating plan and caring support, achieve the weight loss you want at Slimming World!


National Cheeseburger Day

National Cheeseburger DaySeptember 18 is National Cheeseburger Day— a chance to fire up the grill for that meaty favorite.

Typically cheeseburgers are off the menu for people who are trying to lose weight—but not for Food Optimisers! Every food fits into our generous healthy eating plan… and we’ve even got our own tasty versions of this fast food favorite (with fries!).

Enjoy a delicious cheeseburger, and all the sides, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day.



It’s National Rice month, let's celebrate this Free Food star

Rice is a Free Food at Slimming World—which means you can eat unlimited amounts and still lose weight. 

Rice is a staple ingredient in many dishes and cuisines around the world, so it’s fitting that this versatile grain gets its own national month of appreciation in September.

From sticky sushi rice to a spicy Spanish paella, there are infinite ways to enjoy this food. And when you’re Food Optimizing, there are no limits to how you can enjoy rice. That’s because rice is a Free Food at Slimming World—meaning you can eat unlimited amounts and still lose weight.

butternut squash and bacon risotto

Rice is one of the many Free Foods at Slimming World that are the key to weight loss. Free Foods—rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetable, fruit, lean meat—are low in energy density. This means rice, like all Free Foods, is low in calories for its weight. If you fill up on Free Foods, you’re naturally lowering your calorie intake without counting or measuring a single thing—the math is done for you!                                          

Mixing rice with other Free Foods like lean meats and vegetables makes countless combinations, here are some of our favorites:

Find out more about how Free Foods like rice can help you achieve the weight you’ve been dreaming of!


Eating junk food could limit your tastes for trying new foods

Junk food: we know its bad for our health. New research says it can be bad for our taste buds, too.

Junk food: we know its bad for our health. New research says it can be bad for our taste buds, too.

A study carried out by an Australian university tracked dietary preferences in rats who were either fed on junk food or a healthy diet. The researchers discovered that the rats who ate junk food showed increasingly less interest in trying new foods, compared to the healthy rats.

The rats eating junk food were also more likely to overeat. When the rats were taught to associate a sugary drink with a sound, the rats eating junk food continually responded to the sound cue and drank. Rats on the healthy diet stopped after a few times.

With Slimming Worlds generous Food Optimising eating plan, no food is bannedincluding the junkiest of junk food! But thanks to the flexibility and variety of Food Optimising, youll naturally crave and discover all kinds of delicious new foods and recipes.

Star student and Slimming World member Alix Brown lost 28lbs by making the switch from junk food to Food Optimising.

I’d gotten into the habit of skipping breakfast, while lunch would be creamy pasta with a packet of potato chips and a chocolate bar. Id come home and eat a whole pack of microwave rice around 4pm, then have dinner before snacking on chocolate and cookies in the evening.

The very first thing I made when I started Food Optimising was salmon with new potatoes and broccoli. It felt wrong that there was so much food on my plate. Despite my reservations I stuck to the plan for the whole week and lost 4lbs. From then on I felt more positive and had so much more energy from all the healthy food.

On top of the amazing variety and generosity of Food Optimizing, as a Slimming World member youll get even more meal ideas from your fellow supportive slimmers. Eating well and losing weight is never boring at Slimming Worlddiscover how it could  work for you!


Celebrate National TV dinner day—Food Optimising-style!

September 10 is TV Dinner Day, recognizing the invention of this convenience food favorite. From comfort food classics to frozen pizzas, supermarket aisles are bulging with ready-made meals these days. Food Optimising is so flexible that all foods fit inincluding TV dinners.

These convenience foods can seem ideal for a speedy dinner solution. Pre-made meals that contain predominantly Free Foods can be filling and Food Optimising-friendly. For example, a meal containing lots of lean chicken with veggies, rice or pasta can be a smart, satisfying choice. However, the Syns can quickly stack up in many ready-made meals that contain processed ingredients, deep-fried or battered foods. Portion sizes can be very small, too, leaving us wanting more!

mac and cheese

How would you like to cut down your grocery spend, unearth your culinary skills and get healthy at the same time?! That’s what Food Optimising’s all about!

Many diet plans rely on you buying expensive ready meals and food products to lose weightnot Slimming World! With Food Optimising you can eat your favorite meals and save money while losing lbs!

I haven't enjoyed food so much for a long time. Before I started Food Optimising I would come in from work and try to decide which ready meal to put in the microwave for that evening’s meal.  This week I planned what to have for dinner in advance. When I came in from work it didn’t take long to prepare. The result was a delicious, freshly prepared meal each evening.

You can't imagine my delight when I got on the scales to discover that I’d lost 8lbs and gained an award.

From Becky Dixon

The healthiest way to enjoy heaps (and we mean heaps!) of your favorite type of meal is to opt for a Food Optimising version, bursting with Free ingredients.

The beauty of cooking at home and preparing delicious dishes the Food Optimising way is that you control the ingredients and cooking method. Our recipes below are quick to prepare (or to freeze and enjoy later), full of tasty, fresh ingredients, and are deliciously satisfying!


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