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Sip your way slim!

When we're losing weight, we watch what we eat. What we drink can be just as important, too. Luckily with Slimming World, there are endless drinks to enjoy and keep your weight loss sailing smoothly.

Many drink options can be enjoyed freely with Slimming World, meaning there's no counting, no weighing, and no measuring—bottoms up on these beverages!

  • iced tea – whether it's black, green or fruit-flavored, enjoy it unsweetened or using sugar substitute to taste
  • iced coffee – save a few $ (and lose lbs!) making your own iced coffees with sugar substitute, milk and plenty of ice cubes
  • diet or zero sodas and seltzer – fresh, fizzy and can be enjoyed freely!

We've also got sensational drink recipes to sip through the warm weather—here's a sampling:

  • Virgin Marys – this cold, savory mocktail is perfect with a leisurely brunch
  • fruit punch – make a double batch of this refreshing, fruity drink. Kids and adults will enjoy glass after glass on hot days!

If this sounds like a delicious way to lose weight, taste a week of Slimming World for free with our 7 day menu plan.


Takeout made healthy, fast and tastier than ever

spcecial prawn fried rice

There’s no doubt that takeout is fast, easy and delicious—but many takeout foods aren’t so great for our health and weight loss.

You can still get takeout with Slimming World—absolutely no food is banned! Many members have found that cooking their own takeout satisfies the “to-go” food craving and keeps weight losses beautifully on track. We’ve given burgers, fried chicken, Chinese and more a Slimming World makeover—making your own takeout has never been healthier or tastier!

You’ll get tons more ideas and recipes for takeout makeovers—and so much more!—when you join Slimming World. You can find out more about our healthy eating plan here.


Reduce your stroke risk with Slimming World

May is National Stroke Month, and many risk factors for stroke can be minimized with the healthy, active lifestyle led by Slimming World members.

preventing strokes with slimming world

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor diet and lack of exercise can all increase the risk of having a stroke. These are factors that can be greatly reduced with our healthy eating and activity plans. In fact, losing just 10 percent of your body weight with Slimming World can deliver amazing health benefits, including a reduced risk of stroke and much more.

With Food Optimizing, our healthy eating plan, there's not a single calorie to count, and no shakes, pills or supplements. Food Optimizing shares the secrets to shopping for, cooking and eating regular food from the grocery store for healthy weight loss. Body Magic, our activity plan, supports you in making an activity you love an everyday part of your life.

Thanks to losing weight with Slimming World, our members are now happy, healthy and full of energy, and many of them have reduced medications and risks for dieases because of their weight loss. See for yourself the incredible transformations so many Slimming World members have made!



Pizza night, Slimming World-style

Pizza night is a fast, fun and tasty option for dinner, especially when you're gathering with friends and family. However, most pizza isn't great for our weight loss. With Slimming World, pizza is definitely still on the menu—made with a few tweaks to keep it weight-loss friendly and just as delicious!

Making your own pizza is the best way to control exactly what and how much goes into it. And whipping up pizza from scratch—dough and all!—can take less time than it takes to call and wait for delivery.

For your pizza basics:

  • Pizza dough – 3 ingredients and little kneading give you a crispy crust—roll it out as thin as you like!
  • You can also use a flattened chicken breast, thick slices of eggplant, or a large mushroom cap as a slimming-friendly pizza base.
  • Tomato sauce – a staple for homemade pizza making, this tomato sauce is deeply flavorful and can be made in advance and frozen.
  • Hummus pizza sauce – a tasty and creative alternative to tomato sauce!

Top toppings:

This is one of the best parts of homemade pizza—top it with as much of whatever you like! And many topping options, like veggies and lean meats, are Free Foods with Slimming World. That means you can eat as much of them as you like—no counting, no weighing, no measuring, ever! We encouage members to enjoy measured amounts of cheese if they like, and this would be a perfect place to use your favorite cheesy choice.

Some topping combinations to choose from:

If this sounds like a delicious way to lose weight, taste a week of slimming with our free 7-day menu!


Enjoy a free week of delicious slimming

At Slimming World, we offer the most flexible and generous healthy eating plan around—and we'd love you to see (and taste) it for yourself.

7 day menu

Our free 7-day menu plan is packed with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks—you might think this doesn't look like a diet plan at all! That's because Food Optimizing isn't a diet—it's a healthy eating plan that you can follow for life, and it's made up of real food that you can enjoy with your whole family.

Eggs and Canadian bacon, spaghetti, pasta salads, baked potatoes, burgers, frittatas, tacos—those and so much more are all on the 7-day menu! You really can lose weight without hunger, and while eating all these delicious things.

We'd love for you to taste the Slimming World difference for's our free 7-day menu. Happy eating!


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