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You've got a friend in Slimming World

Friends make you smile, they make you feel great about yourself, and they pick you up when you’re feeling down. Friends give you all the support and motivation you need…and we hope you find a friend in Slimming World.

Celebrate World Friendship Day this Sunday with your friends at Slimming World. Now is the perfect time for you to join with a friend, your sister, brother, mother, cousin or colleague. Not only will you be saving $50 on the normal package price, but you also get two fabulous recipe books for free. 

As friends, you want the best for each other, and with Slimming World you can eat tasty meals, lose weight and live your life to the fullest! Together, you and your friend can help each other out when you’re having a bad day, discuss delicious recipes and even cook together. (Joining as a pair will also add that extra little bit of good-natured rivalry to boost your weight losses!)

You and a friend can get a taster of losing weight the Slimming World way with our free 7-day menu—losing weight really can taste this good!


Sip your way slim!

When we're losing weight, we watch what we eat. What we drink can be just as important, too. Luckily with Slimming World, there are endless drinks to enjoy and keep your weight loss sailing smoothly.

Many drink options can be enjoyed freely with Slimming World, meaning there's no counting, no weighing, and no measuring—bottoms up on these beverages!

  • iced tea – whether it's black, green or fruit-flavored, unsweetened iced tea or using sweetner to taste
  • iced coffee – save a few $ (and lose lbs!) making your own iced coffees with sweetner, milk and plenty of ice cubes
  • diet or zero sodas and seltzer – fresh, fizzy and can be enjoyed freely!

We've also got sensational drink recipes to sip this summer—here's a sampling:

  • Virgin Marys – this cold, savory mocktail is perfect with a leisurely summer brunch
  • fruit punch – make a double batch of this refreshing, fruity drink. Kids and adults will enjoy glass after glass on hot days!

If this sounds like a delicious way to lose weight, taste a week of Slimming World for free with our 7 day menu plan.


Is an energy bar better than a candy bar?

Whether they're called energy, nutrition or granola bars, the health bar craze is here to stay—but these bars may not be as healthy as they appear.

energy snacksA news segment on Good Morning America compared the fat, sugar and calorie content of major health bar brands to candy bars, and found they matched up closely.

With Slimming World's healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing, you can enjoy some fiber-rich energy bars as a Healthy Extra choice. Healthy Extras are designed to ensure we get enough fiber and calcium in our diets, and are measured to protect our weight loss.

Aside from enjoying bars as a Healthy Extra choice for fiber, many members switched from energy bars to snacking on wholesome, unprocessed foods (like the delicious bites shown right)—there are many choices which can be eaten freely with Food Optimizing. When we say freely, we truly mean no counting, no weighing, and no measuring whatsoever!

Members' most-loved snacks:

  • cut-up fresh fruit
  • veggies with hummus
  • rolled up cold cuts
  • hard boiled eggs
  • fat-free yogurt
  • cooked pasta (yes, pasta can be eaten freely with Food Optimizing!)

And so much more! You'll discover tons of inspiration and ideas as a Slimming World member. Here's how to join today!


In season: zucchini

It's the time of year where farm stands, grocery stores and gardens are teeming with zucchini. This summer staple grows in such abundance that it's cheap to buy and if you know someone who's growing it, they'll be relieved for you to take some off their hands.

zucchini recipes

Roasted, grilled, baked, or spiralled into "zoodles", zucchini is a veggie that tastes of summertime. There are so many ways to enjoy this versatile ingredient—here's some recipe inspiration for your zucchini haul!

Veggie antipasti (shown right) – along with zucchini, grill bell peppers and eggplant and dress with garlic and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

Minted zucchini and potato frittata – this easy and flavorful frittata is delicious served hot or cold.

Pork and apple sausage rolls – a healthy take on pigs in a blanket! Spiced sausage is wrapped in grilled zucchini ribbons.

Discover even more seasonal recipe inspiration and a whole world of weight loss support when you join Slimming World!


Healthy campsite cooking

Summertime is the perfect season for pitching a tent outdoors and sleeping under the stars. And when you're away on a camping trip, your weight loss dreams don't have to go on vacation, too.

healthy camping cooking

Camping is ideal for enjoying healthy, filling meals. We've got a menu of campsite cuisine for belly-filling breakfasts, packed lunches to take on the trail and dinners to cook around the campfire.

  • Super scramble – heat through diced lean ham or Canadian bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions, and then scramble in a few eggs.
  • Lunch to go – in a cooler bag, pack cut-up veggies, rolled-up cold cuts, lots of fresh fruit and speedy hummus for dipping
  • Dinner over an open fire – anything goes on the grill! Lean meat and veggies are especially delicious, and potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked over coals make the fluffiest potatoes you've ever tasted!
  • Sweet ending – Nothing beats toasted marshmallows around a campfire, and lots of fresh watermelon




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