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Quit smoking on The Great American Smokeout

Quitting smoking and getting to a healthy weight are two life changes that need lots of caring support along the way. If you've decided to stub out for good on The Great American Smokeout day, Slimming World can help you get to the healthy weight and lifestyle you want.

fruit juice

A huge battle of quitting smoking is what to do when a craving strikes. Slimming World's eating plan called Food Optimising has tons of foods we call Free Foods—these foods can be eaten freely, any time of day, and are perfect to reach for to satisfy a craving. Free Foods are fruit and vegetables, and also lean meat, pasta, rice, potatoes and more...there's so much to choose from!

Slimming World's caring and supportive approach to weight loss will also help you stop smoking. We have a support team to answer any questions, and fellow members will also inspire and support you every step of the way.

If you're quitting smoking, you don't have to do it alone. Join Slimming World for amazing support and the tools you need to achieve your healthy weight for life!


Planning a slimming Thanksgiving

Losing weight and eating a Thanksgiving dinner seem like two things that can't go together—but with Slimming World's generous eating plan Food Optimising, they go together like turkey and gravy!

Food Optimising encourages members to fill up on Free Foods, which include lean meat, vegetables, fruit and much more. Slices of roast turkey and piles of vegetables makes a wonderfully Free Thanksgiving plate, and cooking the richer sides, like mashed potatoes and gravy, with some slimming substitues means you can enjoy and keep your weight loss on track.

Here are some easy turkey day recipes to lighten your feast—no one but you will know they're Food Optimising!

  • Roast turkey: A juicy turkey is the main event! Roasting it with onions, garlic and lemon imparts mouthwatering flavor.
  • Sweet potato bake: Golden sweet potatoes with a few seasonings and a splash of milk make a creamy, classic side dish.
  • Lemony green beans: Lemon adds freshness to the vegetables and your Thanksgiving plate.
  • Crustless pumpkin pie: No crust means more room for the best part: smooth, silky pumpkin pie filling!

As a member you'll have access to many more delicious recipes and swaps, support and inspiration from fellow members, and more holiday ideas—including what to do with all your turkey day leftovers! Here's how you can join Slimming World today.


Fruit juice not as healthy as it seems

Fruit juice has long been seen as a healthy breakfast staple, but now some health groups feel it's no better for you than cola.

Australian researchers have found an association between people who consume fruit juice and high blood pressure, and there's a campaign in the UK to remove juice as a 5-a-day fruit option. Even without added sugar, some fruit juice can contain more sugar than a can of cola, and the lack of fiber from the whole fruit doesn't fill you up.

fruit juice

When fruit is enjoyed in its original form, it's low in energy density (calories), bulky, and satisfying. That’s why fruit is a Free Food at Slimming World—eat as much as you like, any time!

However, when puréed, juiced or made into smoothies, it means consuming extra calories and sugar in a non-filling way. Consider the time it takes to peel, de-pith and eat six oranges—and how full you’d feel afterwards (if you managed to eat them all!). Then the time it takes to drink the equivalent orange juice… it’s gone in a gulp.

Uniquely, Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan takes into consideration not just the calorie value of food, but how well it satisfies our appetite, too.

Food Optimising is a nutritious, generous and healthy eating plan, suitable for the whole family. Mealtimes the Food Optimising way means big portions of delicious family-friendly favorites that are naturally low in fat, sugar and salt.

If you’d love to lose weight without hunger – discover Slimming World Online here.


Drink during the holidays and slim

The holidays are a time of celebration and parties, and whether it's a glass of wine or beer (or 2 or 3 or more!), drinking is a normal and social part of that. And you can absolutely imbibe when you're losing weight! With 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and 7 weeks until Christmas and New Year's, planning some sipping strategies ahead of the most indulgent time of year can help you keep your weight loss on track.

drinking holidays

A useful thing to be aware of that will keep you beautifully in control is your "tipping point". Slimming World discovered that a person's tipping point is the point at which you have drunk so much alcohol that certain inhibitions are lowered...and you might find yourself eating foods you wouldn't normally, or eating much more than you usually would. With a late-night pizza or burger and a greasy breakfast the next morning on top of the drinks, it can add up!

You can take a quiz to discover your personal tipping point. Once you know it, you've already set yourself up for a great plan! When you're aware of your tipping point, you can decide how much (and of what) you'd like to drink and eat...well before you reach that point!

As a Slimming World member you'll have access to tons of ideas for slimming-friendly tipples and statisfying snacks and meals to go with them. These few ideas have helped keep members on track:

  • Mix diet or club soda in with your drink to stretch it out
  • Have a diet soft drink or water between drinks
  • Watch for creamy-based drinks and those with flavored liquors, which can be loaded with hidden fat or sugar

You can find many more ideas for drinks on Slimming World as a member—here's how to join today!


Join in with Slimming World on social media

At Slimming World, we love sharing meal ideas, success stories, and all-around inspiration for fantastic weight losses—and we love sharing these on social media!

If you're on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, we are too, and we'd love to hear from you!

slimming world on social media
  • On Facebook, we post recipes and meal inspirations, amazing member success stories and fun seasonal ideas. As a member you'll also have access to our members-only Facebook group, where you can chat with fellow members and get extra-motivated from their ideas and weight losses!
  • Do you like Pinning? We do, too! Our boards are full of delicious recipes and stunning success stories, as well as fun and creative ways to celebrate the holidays—food and non-food ideas! We also love funny quotes that put a smile on our faces and remind ourselves not to take life too seriously!
  • Over on Instagram, you'll get a sneak peek of what's up at the Slimming World US office, mouthwatering meal ideas, and inspiring support messages. We've also got a monthly giveaway for members...head over to Instagram to see how to win!
  • Tweet, tweet! We love tweeting about food holidays (our favorite kind! National Pasta Day, National Rice Month, Pumpkin Pie Day...we could go on!), as well as fresh recipe ideas, inspiring thoughts and motivating messages.

You can also search for Slimming World-related posts with the tag #slimmingworldusa to see members' posts, bursting with food ideas and inspiration!

See you on social! Once you've taken a look and decided you'd like to have great weight losses with tons of caring support along the way, here's how to join Slimming World.



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