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Hearty salad recipes

Salads have a reputation as unsatisfying "diet" food—which couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to salads, Slimming World-style!

Chicken Caesar salad

Whether you cherish Caesar salads or treasure tuna nicoise, salads are a wonderful option when you're following Food Optimizing, our healthy eating plan. Salads combine many healthy, wholesome ingredients that are Free Foods—those are foods that you can eat freely, with no weighing, no counting, no measuring, no kidding!

Free Foods include classic salad ingredients like lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrots, but also lean meats, pasta, rice, grains and more. Adding leftover shredded chicken, sliced beef, halved new potatoes, tuna, beans, a couple handfuls of cooked pasta, rice, or quinoa and some hard-boiled eggs to a salad (all Free Foods!) takes it from a shy side dish to a full-on feast.

Some of our favorite salad recipes to inspire...

If this sounds like a delicious way to lose weight, taste a week of Slimming for free with our 7-day menu!


Be good your body and the Earth

happy earth day

Today is Earth Day, and as we focus on the health of our planet, it's also a great time to focus on our own health, too.

Many Earth Day volunteer activities, such as planting a tree, gardening or helping to clean up your local park, are fantastic ways to enjoy Body Magic. The great thing about Body Magic—our unique activity program—is that it’s not about spending hours sweating in the gym (unless you want to!), but building physical activity into your daily life through any activity you enjoy.

You can certainly get a good workout with outdoor Earth Day activites, plus the benefits of soaking up sunshine, enjoying nature and doing good for our planet. It all counts as Body Magic and moves you towards a healthier lifestyle!

Whether you’re already active or you’d love to begin Body Magic, you can find out more here. Happy Earth Day!



Diet supplements found to contain dangerous ingredient

Research has discovered that some over-the-counter diet supplements, sold in major US stores, contain a potentially dangerous, amphetamine-like ingredient called BMPEA. The effect of this ingredient hasn't been studied in humans and isn't legally approved as a weight loss aid.

You can trust that Slimming World, which has helped people lose weight for 45 years, is a safe way to lose weight because we don't rely on pills or supplements of any kind—just regular food you buy at the grocery store!

Food Optimizing, our sensible eating plan, works because it's a healthy way to enjoy real food. There's not a single calorie to count, and many foods, like fruit, veggies, pasta, potatoes, lean meats and more, can be eaten freely—that means enjoy as much as you like, whenever you like, no counting or weighing, ever!

Members at Slimming World don’t "go on a diet"—instead, they adopt healthy lifestyle habits that they can, and want to, keep up forever so they really are healthy for life. So if you're looking for a safe, easy, filling, delicious, and evidence-based eating plan...look no further than Slimming World. 

Taste a week of slimming for yourself with our free 7-day menu plan, filled with easy, wholesome meal ideas the whole family can enjoy!


Discover the best workout for you

Experts say the best exercise is one that you enjoy doing—and that’s exactly the principle of Body Magic, Slimming World’s activity plan.

walking with friends

The thinking behind Body Magic is that we’re far more apt to start and keep up with activity we enjoy, and anything you do regularly that gets your heart beating faster counts. Physical activity has so many benefits—lower blood pressure, reduced cancer risk, more energy—and reaping those benefits by doing something you love makes it even more enjoyable. The best part: no spandex needed (unless you want to wear it!)

Member Terri Powell has lost a fab 40lbs and discovered her personal favorite way to do Body Magic:

When it came to exercise I’d always been an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl. I’d be in the gym non-stop for two weeks followed by months of doing nothing—simply because I felt guilty that I’d missed a day! I’ve learned that even a little activity is better than none and still counts as Body Magic. Since losing weight I have so much more energy and love exploring the local countryside and taking part in outdoor activities with my family.

You can read more about Body Magic and how, along with our healthy Food Optimizing eating plan, Slimming World can help you achieve your dream weight!


Parents rarely spot obesity in their children

A UK study found that parents tend to underestimate their children’s BMI (Body Mass Index), and of the 369 children in the study who were overweight or obese, only 4 parents thought that was true.

Obesity in children and adults in the US is a major health problem. With Slimming World, anyone who wants to lose weight will find a supportive, caring, friendly environment—and the most generous and sustainable eating plan out there.

The basic principles of Food Optimizing, our healthy eating plan, can be a foundation for healthy eating for the whole family. It’s based on shopping, cooking and eating real food from the grocery store that can be made into delicious and healthy meals—spaghetti Bolognese, macaroni & cheese, burgers and more are all on the menu—and these recipes will help your whole family maintain a healthy weight.

Here’s more about the amazing support you’ll get as a member—and our free 7-day menu offers a taste of just how generous, healthy and family-friendly Food Optimizing is. There’s no special food to buy or separate meals for those who want to lose weight—just healthy, wholesome food everyone can enjoy together.


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