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In season: 5 ways with pumpkin

Beautifully orange pumpkin is a sure sign of fall, and this squash is totally Free with Food Optimising!

Beautifully orange pumpkin is a sure sign of fall, and the thing we love most about this squash is that it’s totally Free with Food Optimising! That means you can eat unlimited quantities—no weighing, measuring or counting!

pumpkin risotto


Canned pumpkin puree is an excellent Free fall staple with Food Optimising, and the whole pumpkin is equally gorgeous and delicious to cook with.

Using a smaller pumpkin can be easier to manage, and you can prepare it like any other squash. Scrub the outside clean, cut in half and scrape out the seeds and fibers. Roast at 350°F for about 40 minutes or until soft. 

Once you’ve got cooked pumpkin, here are a few Food Optimising ways to enjoy it:


World Series super snacks

The build up to the baseball World Series has begun, and these dishes are a surefire home run!

The build up to the baseball World Series has begun… the champions will soon be crowned, and whether you're hosting a viewing party or going to one, there are plenty of slimming eats to enjoy!

If you’re wondering how traditional game snacks fit into a weight loss plan, worry no more!

At Slimming World we’ve got the know-how to ensure you stay on track while you’re watching the field! Our tasty snack ideas fit in perfectly with your weight loss journey…

If these sound like home run dishes to you, find out more about our delicious Food Optimising plan


Turn over a new leaf with Slimming World

As the air turns crisp and the leaves change color, fall is the perfect time to turn over a leaf of your own! 

As the air turns crisp and the leaves change color, fall is the perfect time to turn over a leaf of your own!

If you decide that losing weight can improve your health, Slimming World is here to help you with caring support and a generous, hunger-busting eating plan called Food Optimising.

turn a new leaf

Hearty fall meals like lasagna, stew, soups and chili all fit in perfectly with Food Optimising. As an online member, you’ll get hundreds of recipes for these classic dishes that you can feed the whole family with and still lose weight. You’ll also get quick meal ideas for fall’s best Free Foods—which you can eat in unlimited amounts!—like squashes, beans, beef, potatoes and chicken.

If you’re looking to become more active this fall, Body Magic is a realistic, doable way to slowly add activity you love into your everyday life. Anything that gets your heart beating faster counts, and fall weather is perfect for long, brisk hikes to spot beautiful foliage, or to kick around a soccer ball or football with the family. This cooler time of year is also bursting with outdoor walks and 5Ks in many areas, and signing up with a friend can be a stellar source of motivation.

If you want to turn over a new, healthy leaf this fall, there’s a loving, caring community at Slimming World to help you every step of the way. Find out how to join today!


Countdown to the holidays—the perfect time to join Slimming World!

With only 7 weeks until Thanksgiving, 10 weeks to Hannukah and 11  weeks until Christmas, here at Slimming World we’re getting into the festive spirit extra early—to be prepared for all those seasonal saboteurs that can pop up over the next few months and be ready for a perfect party season.

With a packed social calendar on the horizon, we understand how easy it can be to get caught up in everything and for our weight loss to take a back seat. And we know how important your weight loss is.

That’s why, each week from now until the New Year, you’ll find supportive features, ideas and tips online to make sure your Christmas wishes really do come true.

If you'd love to get on track for the holidays, find out more about Slimming World Online.


Enjoy a creamy bowl of pasta for National Pasta Day

October 17 is National Pasta Day, celebrating one of the world’s favorite foods. Whether you’re a penne person or tempted by tagliatelle, there are over 600 known pasta shapes to choose from!

It’s such a versatile food, and because pasta is "Free" at Slimming World (meaning you can enjoy as much as you’d like to satisfy your appetite!), we’ve got tons of dishes with pasta as the star ingredient!Creamy ham and artichoke pasta

If you'd love to enjoy lots more delicious dishes like these, get started with our 7 day menu!


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