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Impulsive behavior linked to obesity

Researchers have found that people who behave impulsively are more likely to binge eat, as they throw caution to the wind and make impulsive food choices.

While this study doesn’t directly link impulsive behavior to obesity, it found that people who have a tendency to act on impulses are more likely to suffer from "food addiction" which in turn can lead them to struggle with their weight.

On closer inspection these findings aren’t actually all that surprising. When we suddenly find ourselves hungry, lots of us choose junk or convenience foods – because they’re quick and easy. There’s so much instant food available, that after a long day at work it’s tempting to stop in a fast food restaurant on the way home. The fact is that when we’re forced to make quick decisions about food we often make unhealthy choices.

The secret to successful slimming and a healthy approach to eating is control – and not the type of control that results in a restrictive and unexciting diet. Instead, it’s about putting yourself in the driver's seat of your own weight-loss journey and feeling empowered and in control, and this is exactly what we do at Slimming World. Members set their own weight-loss targets, choose what they want to eat, and decide when and how they want to become active. And the secret ingredient is the support that they get to keep their commitment to themselves. 

Members share with us their top tips for planning ahead and avoiding the need to make impulsive decisions. 

  • Planning weekly meals and ensuring you have all of the ingredients stocked in your refrigerator and cupboards.
  • Cooking in bulk so that you can freeze the leftovers and have healthy homemade ready-meals saved in the freezer for those nights that you really don’t have time to whip something up.
  • Learning lots of quick and easy, healthy dishes that can be created with just a few store cupboard staples – pasta and stirfry dishes are often great for this.
  • Checking out the menu of a restaurant that you’re visiting in advance to make the best choice so that you can enjoy your evening without guilt. 

If Slimming World sounds like your ideal way to lose weight, discover more about our online program .


You've got a friend in Slimming World

Sunday August 3 is Friendship Day, so why not join Slimming World with a friend and you can support each other through your weight loss

Friends make you smile, they make you  feel great about yourself and they pick you up when you’re feeling down. Friends give you all the support and motivation you need… and we hope you find a friend in Slimming World.

Celebrate World Friendship Day (Sunday August 3rd) with your friends at Slimming World. Now is the perfect time for you to join with a friend, your sister, brother, mother, cousin or colleague. Not only will you be saving $50 on the normal package price, but you also get two fabulous recipe books for free. 

As friends, you want the best for each other, and with Slimming World you can eat tasty meals, lose weight and live your life to the full! Together, you and your friend can help each other out when you’re having a bad day, discuss delicious recipes and even cook together. Joining as a pair will also add that extra little bit of good-natured rivalry to boost your weight losses.

You and a friend can get a taster of losing weight the Slimming World way by trying out our free 7-day menu


6 awesome burger toppings (that are actually healthy!)

Whether you're at a cookout or a ballpark, burgers are a staple of the season. Traditionally burgers are off the menu for people who are trying to lose weight – not for Food Optimisers. Every food fits into our generous healthy eating plan… and we’ve got six delicious toppings for you to enjoy.

These cheeseburgers are full of meaty flavor and they’re delicious loaded with these tasty toppings…

Roast bell pepper burger: Place big slices of red bell peppers on your grill and cook with the burgers. When the burgers are ready top with lettuce, onion, pickles and the chargrilled pepper slices.

Caesar burger: Top with grilled Canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and Walden Farms Calorie-free Caesar dressing.

Corn burger: If you’re a big fan of corn then spoon our corn relish on top of your burgers for a taste of sunshine.

Pesto burger: Pile your burger high with our cheesy pesto – it’s only 2 Syns per serving and simply delicious.

Hawaiian burger: Slices of fresh pineapple and grilled Canadian bacon go great on top of burgers.

Mushroom burger: Sautéed mushrooms and onions (cooked in low calorie cooking spray) taste great piled high on your burger. Add a sprinkle of pickles and enjoy.


Celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy with a beanfeast

This July 26 we’re celebrating all things cowboy here at Slimming Worldyeehaw! And to get us in the cowboy spirit we’re dusting off our boots, fastening the saddles and tucking into a huge bowl of rootin’ tootin’ cowboy stew packed full of beef and beans.

Click here to discover the cowboy stew recipe - with a tasty twist! 

It turns out cowboys know a thing or two about healthy eating; a recent survey found that people who regularly ate beans around four times a week had a smaller waist size and weighed on average 7lbs lighter than those who didn't. They were also 22 per cent less likely to be obese and had lower blood pressure.

Beans are packed with protein and fiber—plus essential minerals such as potassium and iron—so have the added benefit of helping to keep you feeling fuller for longer. And they're Free Foods at Slimming World—time for a bean feast.

So if you’d love to lose weight while enjoying hearty stews, as well as your other favorite foods, follow our 7-day menu to see the results for yourself!


Study shows parents with overweight children in denial

A study in America has found that half of parents who have a child who is classed as overweight are in ‘denial.’ They either believe that their children are slimmer than they really are or dismiss their weight as ‘puppy fat’ which they’ll lose when they grow older.

Another major study found that obesity isn’t something that strikes in our later years, instead it takes hold when we’re young. Their research found that a third of children who were overweight when they were in kindergarten (aged 5 and 6) were still overweight by the eighth grade (aged 13 to 15), and all of the children who were obese when they started education were still obese when they entered their teens.

It seems that many parents simply aren’t taking their children’s weight issues seriously, but we know that child obesity is serious and actually the way we are as children paves the way for our adult life—many of our members tell us that they’ve struggled with their weight since childhood. This means that if something isn’t done about child obesity levels, we’re likely to see even more adults classed as overweight in years to come. The tide must be turned and that means helping children to lead healthy lifestyles as well as adults.

At Slimming World we give real, practical healthy eating and activity advice that helps individuals to make manageable and sustainable changes for their whole family so they can lose weight and keep it off for life—and help their family to be healthier too. It’s vitally important that people are given compassionate and ongoing support to make those changes and keep them up—even when the going gets tough. Slimming World does all of these things via its Food Optimising eating plan, Body Magic activity program and unique support system.

Many children will go through their school life feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Many will lack confidence and are reluctant to take part in sports, which leaves them isolated or, worse still, bullied because of their size. And all too frequently they become adults who develop both physical and mental health problems that impact on their daily life. At Slimming World we want to stop people ever having these experiences or having to feel like this and help them to live happier, healthier and longer.

Find out how Slimming World can help your family towards a healthier future. 


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