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Lose weight at work

Around 68% of adults in America are overweight or obese and the prevalence is rising. Obesity is a major contributor to numerous health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, back pain, and low self-esteem.

It has major impact on the health, wellbeing, and happiness of men and women across the States, and it can have a major impact on their employers too. The costs associated with obesity-related absenteeism from work total $4.3 billion annually in the United States**, so it’s never been more important for the workplace to promote, enable, and support healthier lifestyles.

How can Slimming World help?

More and more companies are using Slimming World as an employee benefit to help reduce obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle and greater wellbeing.

Slimming World’s online weight-loss program can help your employees tackle their weight problems, and learn healthier habits for life. Online members who log on to Slimming World Online for 10 weeks out of a 12-week course lose an average of almost 6% of their body weight.

Healthier, fitter employees are more productive, have fewer sick days, fewer accidents, and higher morale—that’s good news for your business!

Why choose Slimming World?

Founded in 1969, Slimming World is the UK’s favorite weight loss organization*, with over 43 years’ experience. In the UK we help 400,000 people every week to lose weight and choose a healthier lifestyle.

Slimming World’s philosophy is based on a deep understanding of how people with a weight problem feel, coupled with a passionate desire to help them achieve their goals. Our program has been developed in line with the latest thinking on nutrition, exercise, and the psychology of weight loss.

Slimming World’s program provides an effective, practical solution to weight management, integrating three key elements:

  • healthy eating: Food Optimizing is Slimming World’s healthy, balanced eating plan. Food Optimizing empowers people to make healthier food choices, satisfy their appetite, and lose weight—without calorie counting or obsessive weighing and measuring.
  • lifestyle-based activity: Slimming World’s unique physical activity program, Body Magic, is designed to help members become more active at their own pace, step by step, so that activity becomes an intrinsic part of their daily lives.
  • unique support tools: Slimming World guides members towards making healthy changes to the way they shop, cook and eat. Members receive unlimited access to sophisticated interactive tools, including an online food diary, menu planner, and over 600 searchable recipes giving ideas for meals and snacks, and a wealth of features to help them cope with vacations, eating out, socializing and more—and enjoy a wonderful weight loss each week.

‟As we researched weight loss groups to enhance our corporate Wellness Program, we were surprised by how few offered the flexibility we were seeking for our employees. The initial requirements were basic… no pre-packaged meals or shakes, no complicated counting systems, and no pills. Our goal was to empower employees to make healthier choices while positively influencing their families and friends to do the same. Members have been very pleased with their personal results and the ease of the plan… and their co-workers are taking notice! We’re excited about the difference our partnership with Slimming World is making in the lives of our employees.”

Mindy Howard, Director of Human Resources, Heritage Auctions, TX

You can read Heritage Auction’s Weight Loss at Work Case Study here.

And the case study following the City of Lewisville's workplace program is right here...

For further information about Slimming World Online, health, fitness and wellbeing, please contact:

Yvonne Sanders
Business Development Manager
Cell: 972 899 8700

*Based on attendance at weekly support group meetings in the UK, and not based on online membership, profit or revenues in the UK.

** Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, December 2007

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