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About Slimming World

Margaret Miles Bramwell

Margaret Miles-Bramwell, OBE HonMUniv FRSA

Slimming World, the UK’s* favorite weight loss program, has helped millions of people in the UK and Ireland lose weight since our friendly groups opened over 40 years ago. It was founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who remains the driving force behind the company to this day. With the experience of a lifetime's weight problem, it is her enthusiasm and unique vision that has made the Company so successful.

Our supportive online program has been helping members lose weight and make healthy, easy―and lasting―lifestyle changes for almost a decade, and now this revolutionary approach to weight loss is available across the States.

Founder, Margaret, explains why losing weight the Slimming World way is so different.

“I’d always found it so difficult to lose weight. Every diet I’d tried – and there were a lot – had been restrictive and unsustainable. I knew there had to be a better way. I knew how it felt to embark on yet another diet, losing a bit more faith in myself every time, and despairing of ever finding a long-term answer. I wanted to create a weight loss club where the where members would feel understood and be treated with respect, and feel encouraged and empowered.

“The Slimming World program frees slimmers from the burden of counting calories, and swaps the classic ‘I shouldn’t be having this’ mindset for a positive perspective. Our eating plan is all about what you can have – being able to choose what and how much you eat from a huge list of Free Foods gives you the most incredible psychological release.

“Food Optimizing is based on the science of energy density and appetite satisfaction. That might sound complicated, but we’ve made it deceptively easy for Slimming World members! Being allowed to eat freely from a huge list of everyday foods you can buy from any grocery store that are low in calories and very filling – like lean meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, rice and pasta – and still enjoy those innocent (high calorie) pleasures like a glass of wine or bar of chocolate, means that you avoid feelings of deprivation and the need to rebel.

“Understandably, members are quite often skeptical at first; having being told for so long that they can’t, shouldn’t or mustn’t eat that if they want to lose weight. Learning which foods can be eaten freely and which foods need to be kept an eye on is a great way of learning how to eat healthily for life. And so liberating! It’s very different from obsessive and restrictive calorie-counting or point-counting, where it’s important to count absolutely everything obsessively and stick rigidly within your daily limit.

We help members learn which foods will be the kindest to their well-being, their happiness and their waist-line.

“We’re still only reaching a fraction of the millions of people who need help – in the UK and in the States. It’s important we let people know that you can lose weight without hunger and deprivation. You can make changes that will help you and your family lead healthier lives, and that will last a lifetime. You can enjoy a social life, and lose weight too. Together Slimming World and slimmers here in the US will achieve amazing things.”

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*Based on attendance at weekly support group meetings in the UK, and not based on online membership, profit or revenues in the UK.

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